Gallery of Urban Stomp Instructors and affiliated groups


Urban Stomp: From Swing to Mambo instructors and Affiliated groups

Derrick Leόn Washington, PhD., Director, Curator, Executive Producer (

Laura Chieko, PhD., Instructor and Facilitator

Paula Carreira Costa, Instructor

Samuel Coleman, Instructor and Choreographer

Shana Maria Weaver, Instructor and Multi-disciplinary Artist

Mickey Davidson, Instructor and Choreographer

Carlos Mateu, Instructor and Multi-disciplinary Artist

Carmen Taveras Molina, Instructor

Eyal Vilner, Instructor and Big Band Leader/Composer

Princess Serrano, Instructor and Choreographer

Eddie Torres Jr., Instructor and Choreographer

Bobby Sanabria & Quarteto Aché

Cinthia Santos, Instructor and Translator

Dancing Classrooms, under the artistic direction of Alee Reed

Rebecca Goyette, Instructor and Museum Educator

Mark Araujo, Instructor and Museum Educator

Reverend Rashad Moore, Assistant Minister, Abyssinian Baptist Church

Franck Muhel, Instructor and Choreographer

Gaby Cook and Nathan Bugh, Instructors and Choreographers

Ron West, Abyssinian Baptist Church

The Soul Spot Restaurant

Waxx Productions

Maureen Loughran and Naomi Sturm from the Center for Traditional Music and Dance

Danny Jonokuchi and the Revisionists

  • Danny Jonokuchi - Trumpet

  • Alexa Barchini - Vocals

  • Jay Rattman - Saxophone

  • Jefferey Miller - Trombone

  • Miki Yamanaka - Piano

  • Eric Wheeler - Bass

  • Kevin Congleton - Drums

Wild Rhythm, under the direction of Gaby Cook (

·         Evita Arce

·         Nathan Bugh

·         Samuel Coleman

·         Gaby Cook

·         Lewi Gilamichael

·         Morgan Kestner

·         Holly Kiang

·         Andy Lee

·         Meghan Manning

 Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, under the direction of Laura Jeffers (

·         Jessica Webb

·         Alex Cushen

·         Bernadette Cumento

·         Steven Plummer

·         Galit Weinfeld

·         Chester Freeman

·         Zoe Slemmons

·         Devon Lawler

·         Laura Chieko

·         Samuel Coleman

·         Steven Plummer

·         Rafal Pustelny

·         Jessica Webb


Thank you to the students that joined us from the very beginning:

  • Andrew Chin

  • Marquis Loving

  • Kayla Loving

  • Tiffanie Loving

  • Lourdes Gamez

  • Michael Gamez

  • Matthew Gamez

  • Elisa Cofini

  • Flora Lennihan

This would not be possible without the sponsorship and co-sponsorship from:

Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation

Center for Traditional Music and Dance

Frankie Manning Foundation

National Museum of Jazz in Harlem

Bronx Music Heritage Center


Thank you to the following venues for providing space:

National Museum of Jazz in Harlem

The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center

The Abyssinian Baptist Church

Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education

Bronx Music Heritage Center